Behold nature. Behold life.

"... consider this: the fact that the illustrations are hand-drawn allows completely different modes of expression than are available from straight photography."

(Erich Cramer)

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Erich Cramer’s vision was to make illustrations of typical flora and fauna available to a wider audience. The illustrations were to be scientifically accurate in form and use of colour, while at the same time eloquently expressive of the diversity and aesthetic beauty of the subject varieties and species. To this end, he founded the “Kronen-Verlag” publishing company in 1950. Over the years, with the cooperation of outstanding artists and many scientists of enduring note, Erich Cramer developed his collection of works into a seminal publication that remains without peer to this day.

The illustrations – by Claus Caspari, Wilhelm Eigener, Franz Murr, Ludwig Binder, Karl Grossmann and others – speak of a love for the wonders of nature in all its many forms.

This rich legacy has been passed on to Cramers Gallery of Nature S.a.g.l., founded in 2008, more than half a century after Erich Cramer published the collection’s first works. Cramer’s Gallery of Nature carries on the original Kronen-Verlag philosophy in a form that is more in keeping with the modern media age, with its various commercial and technical requirements.

The decision to re-publish the illustrations comes of a desire to communicate the wondrous character of our natural world, to open nature’s treasure chest as Erich Cramer intended during his lifetime – as a counterbalance to the destruction he witnessed in two world wars and which we, too, are now witnessing in many regions of the world today.

See for yourself. Behold nature. Behold life.

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